Intermediated loans

Intermediated loans

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We make loans to local banks and other intermediaries which subsequently "on-lend" to the final beneficiaries:

All intermediated loans must further at least one of our public policy goals:

  • Increase in growth and employment potential – including SME and Midcap support
  • Economic and social cohesion by addressing economic and social imbalances, promoting the knowledge economy/skills and innovation and linking regional and national transport infrastructure
  • Environmental sustainability - including supporting competitive and secure energy supply 
  • Action for climate-resilient growth


Loan conditions can be flexible in terms of the size, duration, structure etc. On-lending decisions remain with the intermediary institutions, which also retain the financial risk of the on-lending. Under intermediated loans, we normally have no contractual relationship with final beneficiaries, although final beneficiaries need to be informed about EIB involvement.

Banks, national promotional banks or institutions, or any other financial institutions duly authorised to carry out lending activities can apply for our intermediated financing dedicated to SMEs and Midcaps or other beneficiaries, such as local authorities.