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    Reference: SG/E/2016/23/PR
    Received Date: 13 October 2016
    Subject: Trans Adriatic Pipeline
    Complainant: Confidential
    Allegations: Alleged negative social and environmental impacts of the project - alleged inadequate compensation
    Type: E - Environmental and social impacts of financed projects
    Outcome*: Prevention
    Recommendations: no
    Dispute Resolution*

    * Admissibility date reflects the date the case was officially registered. All other dates pertain to the date in which a stage was completed.

    Case Description


    On 13 October 2016, the EIB Complaints Mechanism (EIB-CM) received a complaint alleging negative social and environmental impacts of the project “Trans Adriatic Pipeline" as well as inadequate compensation in relation to the construction of the pipeline.

    The project concerns the financing and construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which is the western part of the Southern Gas Corridor that goes from the Greek/Turkish border to Italy through Albania.

    EIB-CM Action

    Following a preliminary review of the case, the EIB-CM has taken note that the EIB operational team has not finalised the due diligence of the project and that the EIB Management Committee has not taken yet a decision to finance it. In this context, the complaint has been transferred to the Bank’s operational services for their consideration and reply.


    The EIB operational services responded to the complainant to advise him/her that the EIB has not yet made a decision to finance the project. Furthermore, the complainant was informed that the project promoter has ultimate responsibility for the project implementation. As such, the complainant should contact the project promoter to obtain clarification on the issues raised in the complaint and also submit his/her concerns to the project grievance mechanism which contact details can be found in the “Project Information” section below.