Infrastructure & Environment fund investments - features

Infrastructure & Environment fund investments - features

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What are the EIB Infrastructure & Environment fund investments?

EIB invests in equity, hybrid or debt funds. The funds must have a focused investment strategy, addressing EU priority objectives, including infrastructure and environment. The EIB can invest in significant minority stakes, and can also co-invest in investee companies alongside the fund.

Depending on sector, country and/or other features of the specific operation, this product may be supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) or other mandates managed by the EIB.

Who is eligible?

  • Funds, investing in eligible sectors or investing in eligible final beneficiaries

Key benefits of the EIB Infrastructure & Environment fund investments

  • Investment decisions delegated to the fund manager (creation of capital deployment capacity)
  • Seal of approval for the investment proposal ("soft enhancement")
  • Catalytic effect in fundraising, strong multiplier effect
  • Possibility for direct co-investments in portfolio companies (allows smaller funds to access bigger projects)

Indicative features


equity investments


fund managers

Investment strategy

both within and outside the EU, funds dedicated to eligible sectors (infrastructure, climate, etc.); in some countries generalist funds investing in small and medium-sized enterprises may be considered

Fund geographic focus

typically multi-country


both first time and experienced teams are considered

Size of investment

typically between EUR 25m and EUR 40m

How to apply

  • European Investment Bank

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