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The European Investment Bank has agreed to provide EUR 100 million to finance construction of the new Amphia Hospital in Breda. Amphia is one of the most advanced clinical hospitals in the Netherlands and the new hospital will strengthen healthcare for the North Brabant province.

This is the first Dutch hospital to be financed by the EIB under the Investment Plan for Europe. During the formal ceremony in Breda finance agreements were also signed with BNG, Rabobank and ING.

Supporting transformational investment

Construction of the new Amphia Hospital is one of the most significant capital investments in the country. The EIB is providing a low-interest rate and 27 year long-term loan. The new support for Amphia and backing for investment in the new hospital follows detailed due diligence and examination of technical and financial proposals.

“The future of Amphia in a brand new home has been secured thanks a EUR 100 million investment agreed today. This follows incredibly complex and hard work by both the EIB and Amphia teams in an impressively short time. We are extremely grateful to the EIB and consortium of Dutch banks for making this possible.” said Roos Leber, Chief Financial Officer of Amphia.

"Long-term investment is vital for modern health care in the Netherlands, which will have to care for an aging population using the latest technology. The EIB is pleased that to finance the new Amphia hospital, together with three leading Dutch banks. The loan signed today follows EIB support for hospital investment in Amsterdam, Maastricht, Tilburg, Rotterdam and Deventer in recent years," said Pim van Ballekom, Vice President of the European Investment Bank.

European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, responsible for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, said: "Investing in social infrastructure is a key focus of the Investment Plan for Europe. Today's agreement to loan EUR 100 million to finance the construction of a new hospital in Breda will have a real and positive impact on the 3,000 patients who pass through the doors every day as well as the thousands of people who work there."

The new hospital will provide multidisciplinary care, including 500 new single patient rooms and 20 operating theatres. It is expected that more than 3,000 patients will use the hospital every day and 4,500 people will work at the new site.