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    Structure and Organisation

    What is the European Investment Bank?

    What is the EIB Group?

    How is the EIB governed?

    How is the EIB structured?

    What are the official languages of the EIB?

    How can I apply for a job?

    Can I visit the EIB?

    The Bank's activities

    What types of projects does the EIB finance?

    Are there specific areas that the EIB does not finance?

    In which countries and regions is the EIB active?

    Can individuals open an account or get a loan with the EIB?

    How does the EIB differ from commercial banks?

    Loan Application

    Who can benefit from an EIB loan?

    How does the EIB approve a project?

    How long does it take to get a loan?

    Which procedures should SMEs and Mid-Caps follow for EIB loans?

    Can EIB loans be combined with loans from other banks?

    Can EIB loans be combined with EU grants?

    Loan Conditions and Disbursement

    What are the conditions of EIB lending?

    What are the EIB’s interest rates?

    What are the loan disbursement procedures?


    How can my company get involved in an EIB-funded project?

    How can my company offer its services to the EIB itself?

    Transparency and Information

    Where can I find information about the EIB’s transparency policy?

    Where can I find information about corporate responsibility at the EIB?

    What are the EIB’s anti-fraud policies?

    How does the EIB handle complaints?