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    Europe, and the world at large, are facing multiple crises at once: inflation, the war in Ukraine, energy insecurity and climate change. As a result, the choices that European policymakers, financial institutions and business leaders make in response to these challenges will shape our future for years to come.

    That is why the European Investment Bank Group staged its first-ever EIB Group Forum in Luxembourg on 27-28 February 2023. The event brought together key voices from the public and private sector to discuss a range of issues, including social inequality, economic stability, digitalisation and the green transition.

      Learn more about the agenda and speakers on the EIB Group Forum website.

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    Replay the EIB Group Forum, from key investment signatures to must-see speeches and panel discussions.

    Werner Hoyer, EIB President
    “We have good offers to make, on the other hand we need inspiration”
    Marjut Falkstedt, EIF Chief Executive
    “We have to become much more open and proactive in developing markets”
    Emmanuel Macron, French President
    “History has only validated the existence and action of the EIB”
    Klaus Iohannis, Romanian President
    “European funds and investments have been the source of Romania’s prosperity”
    Oulimata Sarr, Senegalese Minister
    “How do we leverage and scale a climate resilient agriculture and food system”
    Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse Foundation Chairman
    “Fighting climate change is the biggest business opportunity of the century”
    Energy security & the green transition
    As a motivation for more Europe
    Global Gateway
    European partners fostering sustainable investments

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