The story of one man who found that love goes hand in hand with Denmark radar technologies.

  Jeg fik et job: I Danmark "investerede EU i min fremtid"

Terma was looking for a specialist to work on radar technologies and improve its collaboration with universities. At the time, Brian Tollins was employed at a radar defence company in Edinburgh. He ended up getting a job offer from Terma in Denmark. But the company did not bring him on board immediately, telling him the job was subject to “EU funding.”

Fortunately, the EU financing came through and in September 2017 Brian was hired as a radar specialist in Terma’s research and innovation group, working on non-rotating radars and on general improvements to radars for surveillance, air traffic control and drone detection. Terma, Denmark’s largest radar company, is involved in several fields, such as defence, aerospace and security.

The new job was perfect for Brian’s career and personal life. “The EU invested in my future,” says Brian, who was now able to join his girlfriend in Denmark. “My partner Lisbeth and I could finally start a life together.”

The European Investment Bank gave Terma a €28 million loan to develop products for satellites, air traffic controllers and flight protection systems for aircraft providing humanitarian relief in hostile areas. The investment helped create Brian’s post, which is essential to the company’s radar business. Without the Bank’s investment, the company would have lost out on a skilled worker with 10 years of radar experience.

Innovative Denmark radar technologies 

Losing skilled workers can hurt the company competitively. Identifying and growing radar technologies helps Terma serve customers and increase its offerings in air traffic control, maritime surveillance, critical infrastructure protection and drone detection.

Brian’s job is one of millions created across Europe with the support of the European Investment Bank, the EU bank.  By 2021, investments signed by the EIB Group in 2017 alone are expected to have raised EU GDP by 1.1% and to have created 1.2 million jobs. Even in 2036, there will still be a 0.7% increase in EU GDP as a result of the EIB's 2017 investments, as well as 650 000 extra jobs. Jobs like Brian's.