Co-investment facilities

Co-investment facilities

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In order to provide additional firepower to successful fund managers and help realise the full growth potential of Europe’s best start-ups and scale-ups, the EIB Group engages in equity and hybrid debt co-investments with top ranked funds and investment partners.

By co-investing with successful venture capitalists and other investors alongside their private funds, the co-investment activities target highly innovative companies, amongst others in the life sciences, ICT, infrastructure and renewable energy, as well as industrial technology sectors, both in their early stages and in their expansion and internationalisation phase.

Today, the EIB conducts co-investment transactions through four main verticals:

EIB-EIF Co-Investment Facility

Co-investments alongside top ranked VC/PE/Mezzanine funds that are backed by the European Investment Fund (EIF).

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The EIB-EIF Co-Investment Facility is a joint instrument between EIB and the EIF, investing equity and hybrid debt along-side top rated, EIF-backed VC/PE and mezzanine fund managers into innovative, high-growth European SMEs and mid-caps.

The facility is fully funded from the EIB, with a backing provided by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), the central pillar of the European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe.

How does the facility work?

EIB-EIF CO-Investment Facility

The facility provides qualified fund managers with co-investment pockets up to EUR 60 million. If the investment proposal meet the criteria listed below, the proposal will be subject to an initial screening from the EIF and a simplified due diligence process from the EIB investment team.

Are you a fund manager interested in partnering with us under the EIB-EIF Co-Investment Facility?

EIB will provide co-investment capital to fund managers who, among others:

  • Have EIF as a limited partner(LP);
  • Have investment opportunities in their existing portfolio with the potential to meet the investment criteria set out below and in relevant documents;
  • Invest into SMEs and innovative mid-caps based in the European Union;
  • Can demonstrate an excellent track record.

What are pre-defined co-investment criteria for the target companies?

The fund manager may use the facility for investment opportunities when, among others, the following co-investment criteria are met, subject to positive outcome of an EIB due diligence:

  • Existing or new portfolio company of one of the fund manager’s main funds;
  • Be an SME or innovative mid-cap (EC definition);
  • Established in the European Union;
  • Demonstrate strong growth potential;
  • Additional criteria may apply, and will be provided by EIF upon review of the co-investment proposal.

For SMEs and entrepreneurs looking for equity investments

If you are looking for funding and would like to see which financial intermediaries currently cooperate with us, please visit and contact the intermediary in your country directly.

For EIB venture debt financing, please visit for further details.

For information about finance available under further EU initiatives, please visit

Co-investment portfolio

EIB-EIF Co-Investment Facility

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National Promotional Institutions (NPIs) co-investments

The EIB and European NPIs and/or banks operate dedicated co-investment financing programmes to support the growth of national SMEs and mid-caps.

Corporate venture funds co-investments

The EIB and its partners from corporate venture and investment funds operate co-investment schemes in life sciences and ICT/ industrial technology, such as biotechnologies or cybersecurity.

Infrastructure and environmental-focused fund co-investments

The EIB co-invests alongside fund managers backed under its equity and fund investment window with a focus on infrastructure and the environment.

EIB Group and venture capital

The EIB Group today is already firmly established as a leading player in the European venture capital landscape, supporting a wide range of venture capital (VC)/private equity (PE) and mezzanine fund managers through the EIF. In addition, the EIB Group under the European Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe, has emerged as the leading provider of venture debt, quasi-equity and other types of structured risk capital for innovative, high growing and young companies across a range of sectors.