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    The TLcom TIDE Africa Fund is focused on technology enabled inclusion and innovation for Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) across all stages of the venture capital cycle in the $0.5 - 10m range, where the lack of capital is more severe in the region. It targets fast growth enterprises leveraging largely existing technology (in particular the high penetration of mobile) and innovative business models, to accelerate access and inclusion of the vast low income population of Sub Saharan Africa to fundamental underserved markets such as financial services, energy, health, education and agriculture. It also targets technology based solutions to improve the efficiency of the massive number of SMEs in the region, which represent the vast majority of GDP in many local markets.

    The Fund delivers capital as part of a larger support to the entrepreneur including strategic, operational and financial mentoring for value generation, leveraging a senior team of business building investment professionals based in Nairobi, Lagos and London, combining global industry expertise with local transaction and management experience.

    Fund size
    Sub Saharian Africa
    Vintage year
    USD 10m from the IF Impact Envelope