Mr George Alogoskoufis was appointed Greece's Finance Minister on 10 March 2004. At the same time he became the EIB Governor for Greece.

Mr Alogoskoufis embarked on his political career in Greece in 1992 as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors. He was first elected to the Greek Parliament in 1996 and has since held his seat in all subsequent elections. Prior to his appointment as Minister of Finance, he was elected to the Council of the European Economic Association for the period 1994-1998. Mr Alogoskoufis has also been a Professor of Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business since 1990.

Mr Alogoskoufis was born on 17 October 1955 in Athens. He obtained a PhD in economics from the London School of Economics where he received the prestigious Sayers Prize for his doctoral dissertation.