• President and Vice President to visit Skopje waste water treatment plant that will improve public health and tackle pollution in Vardar River
  • EIB provided EUR 1 billion for private sector, transport, energy and water since 1977
  • Future EIB financing for priority investment to be discussed with government

Andrew McDowell, Vice President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) will make a two-day visit to the Republic of North Macedonia later this week.

On Saturday, 25 January, the EIB Vice President and European Council (EC) President Charles Michel will visit a new wastewater treatment plant in Skopje and view first-hand how European financing is transforming wastewater treatment in Skopje and improving public health in the city.

The European Investment Bank, the EU Bank, is the world’s largest international public bank and has provided nearly EUR 1 billion for new private sector, transport, energy and water investments in the country since 1977.

“The European Investment Bank has been a key partner of the Republic of North Macedonia for more than 40 years and is pleased to have worked with local and international partners to support transformational investment that deliver economic opportunities, improve lives and strengthen connections between North Macedonia and her neighbours. I am returning to Skopje for a joint visit with Charles Michel, which demonstrates the EU Bank’s firm commitment to enhancing European cooperation with North Macedonia and ensuring new investments to benefit the country’s citizens. This opportunity to observe in person how the EIB is successfully addressing environmental and public health challenges in the area is encouraging.  This new wastewater treatment plant in Skopje will end the discharge of untreated sewage into the Vardar River. Our visit will also provide an opportunity to discuss future EIB support to strengthen the country’s security of energy supply, improve international transport links and enhance business investment in the country.” said Andrew McDowell, European Investment Bank Vice President ahead of the visit.

European Council President Charles Michel stated: “The European Investment Bank has contributed technical expertise, financial support and environmental and social standards to projects across Europe, including in the Republic of North Macedonia, for many years. The EIB, owned directly by European Union Member States, has improved infrastructure and enabled companies to expand across North Macedonia. My joint visit with Vice President McDowell reflects the European Union’s firm commitment to ensure that new investment and closer cooperation benefits the Republic of North Macedonia in the years ahead.”

During the visit to Skopje Vice President McDowell, responsible for lending operations in the Republic of North Macedonia, and EC President Charles Michel will also discuss investment priorities with government Ministers and senior officials.