The European Investment Bank will lend EUR 150 million to Banca Intesa for financing investments in small and medium scale infrastructures promoted by local authorities and other public or private entities in Italy.

The main purpose of the global loan (credit line) is to support investments conducive to economic and social cohesion, particularly projects located in less developed assisted areas (objective 1 and 2) or in selected areas covered by the URBAN Community Programmes.

Long-term financial resources made available will help to fund investment in infrastructure needed to increase the general productivity of the country, particularly in the context of scarce budgetary resources. Eligible infrastructure projects include: energy (production, stock, transmission, distribution), environment (water, waste management, urban rehabilitation) and human capital (education and health).

This first EIB global loan for infrastructure granted to the Intesa banking group builds on a long-term cooperation between the two institutions. Until now, it focused particularly on support for investments promoted by small and medium-sized enterprises. Final beneficiaries will receive adequate information about EIB involvement and conditions, as well as improved financial terms.