This green finance podcast series answers questions about climate change and the finance needed to fight it

The global community signed up to cut emissions of greenhouse gases and figured out how much it would cost in 2015. A couple of years later, people are still arguing about climate change—and climate isn’t even the only “green” topic that needs a financial solution. So we made a green finance podcast series to explain the issues—and the likely solutions for a carbon-free economy.

In the climate finance episode you’ll hear experts summarise the reasons for global warming and explain the development of climate finance. Climate finance is aimed at supporting climate action by helping reduce greenhouse gases and helping people adapt to climate change.

Environmental finance podcast

Climate finance is only part of the financial activity that could be called “green.” We also recorded a podcast episode with experts from the European Investment Bank who work on environmental finance.

Environmental finance uses financial tools for the good of the environment, working to determine the right price for the use of environmental resources and who should pay for them.

Green bonds podcast

Sometimes climate or environmental projects are financed through the sale of a bond. A decade ago the EIB started issuing special Climate Awareness Bonds, which have come to be called green bonds. It’s now a EUR 200 billion market.

Green bonds ensure that an investment goes directly to addressing climate change, the degradation of environmental systems, or biodiversity loss. That way an investor knows that their money goes toward climate action and receives a measure of the impact in terms of, say, amount of carbon dioxide saved.

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