Equity and fund investments

Equity and fund investments

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Stimulating equity & fund investment

We stimulate and catalyse private capital through investment in equity and funds. We work with new and established fund managers in traditional and innovative segments that are not yet mainstream.

Our value added

  • A seal of approval for the investment proposal
  •  Catalytic effect on fund raising
  •  Promoting best practice in governance
  •  An experienced investment team with private equity expertise
  •  Extensive industry knowledge through our economics and engineering specialists
  •  Early involvement
  •  Ability to move fast

Where we invest

We make selective investments in funds which have a focused investment strategy addressing EU priority objectives.

  • Infrastructure & environment: In the EU and in Mediterranean partner countries we invest in equity and an innovative range of debt funds. To date, we have invested in infrastructure equity funds, infrastructure debt funds and environmental funds.
  • Carbon funds: We have established a number of market-based instruments to encourage carbon trading in order to boost market capacity and complement private sector activity.
  • Beyond the EU: We also invest in equity and funds in the Africa, Caribbean & Pacific and in the Mediterranean regions.
  • Urban areas: We support sustainable urban development through equity investment, loans and guarantees through the JESSICA initiative.
  • Venture capital and private equity: The EIB Group’s European Investment Fund (EIF) is a specialist provider of risk finance to small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe.
  • Energy efficiency and renewables: We provide equity capital for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in developing countries through our innovative fund-of-funds GEEREF.

If you are raising funds:

Contact us with the following details:

  •   management team
  •   investment strategy
  •   track record (if applicable)
  •   geographical scope
  •   target sectors
  •   fund size
  •   legal structure
  •   proposed terms
  •   expected returns
  •   other investors
  •   timing of fund raising