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Amundi Planet - Emerging Green One is a USD 1.42 bn fund, expected to deploy USD 2bn into green bonds in emerging market financial institutions over its 12 year term. The fund aims to increase the capacity of emerging market banks to fund investments in climate action. The long timescale and large size of the fund is expected to significantly increase the scale and pace of climate finance in emerging markets by crowding in capital from investors and creating new markets.

As part of the Green Cornerstone Bond Program, the Amundi Planet - Emerging Green One Fund, is the first of its kind to take a holistic approach, by investing in emerging market green bonds, while also supporting the creation of a robust green bond market through tailored capacity building activities undertaken by a parallel issuer support facility funded, in part, by the Fund. A technical assistance program will support the creation of new markets for climate finance by developing green bond policies, providing training programs for bankers, and facilitating the adoption of the Green Bond Principles and international best practices in emerging markets.
Alongside EIB, IFC and EBRD also participated in the transaction.

Country of incorporation
Africa, Asia, Latin America
Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Vintage year
EIB commitment
USD 100m