ELENA – European Local ENergy Assistance

ELENA provides crucial technical assistance for investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings and innovative urban transport projects.

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ELENA provides grants for, inter alia:

  • technical studies, energy audits
  • business plans and financial advisory
  • legal advice


  • tendering procedure preparation
  • project bundling
  • project management

Energy efficiency

ELENA supports projects that help prepare energy efficiency and building-integrated renewable energy investments.

Eligible projects include:

  • energy efficiency in residential and non-residential buildings
  • building-integrated renewables (such as solar panels)
  • public lighting
  • district heating (including combined heat and power plants and biomass boilers)
  • smart grids

Sustainable residential

Under this category, we help private individuals and homeowner associations prepare and implement energy efficiency renovations and renewable energy projects in residential buildings.

Energy efficiency and building integrated renewables in:

  • Single family buildings;
  • Multi-family buildings;
  • Social housing.

Urban transport and mobility

We also support innovative transport and mobility projects in urban areas that save energy and reduce emissions.

Eligible projects include:

  • Investments to support the use and the integration of innovative solutions going beyond the current state of the art for alternative fuels in urban mobility, e.g. in vehicles and in refuelling infrastructure for alternative fuel vehicles and other actions to support the wide-scale use of alternative fuels in urban areas.
  • Investments to introduce at a wide scale new, more energy-efficient transport and mobility measures in any modes in urban areas, e.g. in shared mobility, urban logistics, intelligent transport systems, urban infrastructure (including investments in 'soft modes').

Ongoing projects

A list of factsheets of ongoing ELENA projects including project description and contact details

Completed projects

A list of completed ELENA projects, including project description, lessons learnt and contact details


ELENA on the map

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