On-going projects

On-going projects

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Below the list of on-going ELENA projects, including project description and whom to contact

ELENA - On-going Project Factsheets as of 10/01/2020 (Information available at project start)

Less energy, Less cost, Less impact (Progetto 3L) Italy


SOMACYL Spain 20/12/2013
Energy Renovation of the Buildings of Aarhus Municipality Denmark 20/10/2014
Municipal Energy Performance Contracting Initiative (MEPCI) Germany 18/12/2014
Greater Manchester Low Carbon Delivery Unit United Kingdom 07/05/2015
Municipal Efficiency – Light (ME – L) Italy 24/07/2015
Energy Efficiency Programme for Buildings and Facilities of Bratislava Slovakia 26/11/2015
Rotterdam-Leiden Heat Infrastructure The Netherlands 15/12/2015
Towards a sustainable 2020 campus The Netherlands 22/12/2015
RE: FIT Wales United Kingdom 22/12/2015
AMICA-E Italy 22/12/2015
U.E.F.A. - European Union ELENA Foggia Facility Assistance Italy 28/12/2015
Epirus Efficient Eco-friendly Transportation, Public Lighting and Buildings Greece 26/07/2016
Warmtenet Noordwest The Netherlands 29/09/2016

Preparation and Mobilisation of Financing for Sustainable Energy Investments in Primorska Region Municipalities (PM4PM)

Slovenia 30/09/2016

Energy Project in Large Cities in Overijssel

The Netherlands 18/11/2016

Vinzenz Group (EERR-VIG)

Austria 20/12/2016

European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF)

EU 21/12/2016

Rotterdam Renovation Fund

The Netherlands 22/12/2016

Renewable Energy For Emission Reduction in Central Denmark Region - (REFER-CDR)

Denmark 01/05/2017

PROTHEUS Smart Grid Project for Paks

Hungary 08/05/2017

Cheshire East Energy Programme

United Kingdom 24/08/2017

Sustainable Tipperary

Ireland 31/07/2017

Development of electric public transport for new opportunities (DEPO KLAIPEDA)

Lithuania 01/09/2017

Smart City Mobility Concept (SCMC)

The Netherlands 12/07/2017

Transition to Electric Buses and Boats in Movia (TEBB)

Denmark 30/10/2017

Energy Efficient Reconstruction of Public Lighting (RePublEEc)

Croatia 06/12/2017

Lower Energy Use Via an Extraordinary Network (LEUVEN)

Belgium 30/11/2017

GENova – Innovative Urban Sustainability (GEN-IUS)

Italy 06/12/2017

ECORENO'V Métropole de Lyon

France 12/12/2017

Experimentation du tiers-financement en Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ARTÉÉ)

France 19/12/2017

GOVernment Deep Energy Renovation (GOVDER)

Slovenia 18/12/2017

Technical support for the implementation of sustainable energy measures in buildings owned by the regional government of the Basque Country (CODESO)

Spain 21/12/2017

Göthenburg Cable Car (GCC)

Sweden 21/12/2017

District 6 Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings

Romania 16/02/2018

High-volume ELectric VehicLe PrOcurement (HELLO)

Germany 30/04/2018

Improving renewable energy and energy efficiency in North Denmark District HEATing (INDDHEAT)

Denmark 28/06/2018

The Capital Region Energy Investment Programme (RHEIP)

Denmark 09/07/2018

Efficiency for Berlin Properties (B.E.M)

Germany 19/07/2018

Energy Accelerator

United Kingdom 24/07/2018


Belgium 31/08/2018

South West Energy Unit

United Kingdom 13/11/2018

BIT SYSTEM for Pomorskie Region

Poland 29/10/2018
Access to Sustainability for Tenants through Energy-effective Retrofit (ASTER) Belgium 26/11/2018
Grant for Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects (GIEEP) Latvia 17/12/2018
Green Revolution of Wealth in Salento  (GROWS) Italy 17/12/2018
Flemish Energy Saving Programme Initiative (FLESPI) Belgium 27/12/2018
KaposGrid Smart Urban Energy Project (KaposGrid) Hungary 27/12/2018
Energy Efficiency in social housing - Frederikshavn Housing Association Denmark 11/12/2018
PL-Alior EE Loans in buildings Poland 27/02/2019
ENERGY EFFICIENCY by GETIN Poland 27/02/2019
Energy Efficiency Finance Facility for Residential Buildings (EEFFRB) Poland 26/03/2019
Sustainability loans for citizens in Limburg The Netherlands 29/03/2019
Bordeaux Métropole Energies (BME) France 28/05/2019
Improving Energy Efficiency in the Region of South Aegean Greece 04/06/2019
OKTAVE France 28/06/2019
Ma Rénov Bordeaux Métropole France 05/07/2019
Parteon renovation and new buildings Programme (PARTEON) The Netherlands 19/08/2019
Smart Central Bohemian Region (Smart CEBOREG) Czech Republic 19/09/2019
The National Integrator of Investment Processes in District Heating Companies in Poland (KAPE) Poland 27/09/2019
Castro Pretorio Smart & Efficient - 4CPS&E Active Italy 30/09/2019
Sustainable Energy HBOR (SE HBOR) Croatia 03/10/2019
Energy Efficiency Finance Facility for Commercial Buildings (EEFFCB) Poland 06/12/2019

Service Public Intégré de Rénovation Energétique Occitanie (SPIRE Occitanie)

France 11/12/2019
Belfius Energy Project Development Unit Belgium


ELENA Helsinki Open Charging System (ELENA HOCS) Finland


ING REF Energy Efficiency in Private Buildings (ING REF EEPB) The Netherlands


Energy Efficiency for Lithuanian Public Buildings and Street Lighting (LITGOVEN) Lithuania


Local Authority Public Lighting Energy Efficiency Project Ireland