On-going projects

On-going projects

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Below the list of on-going ELENA projects, including project description and whom to contact

ELENA - On-going Project Factsheets as of 15/10/2019 (Information available at project start)

Less energy, Less cost, Less impact (Progetto 3L) Italy


SOMACYL Spain 20/12/2013
Energy Renovation of the Buildings of Aarhus Municipality Denmark 20/10/2014
Municipal Energy Performance Contracting Initiative (MEPCI) Germany 18/12/2014
Greater Manchester Low Carbon Delivery Unit United Kingdom 07/05/2015
Municipal Efficiency – Light (ME – L) Italy 24/07/2015
Funding Action in Bergamo for Emission Reduction (FABER) Italy 19/08/2015
Energy Efficiency Programme for Buildings and Facilities of Bratislava Slovakia 26/11/2015
Rotterdam-Leiden Heat Infrastructure The Netherlands 15/12/2015
Towards a sustainable 2020 campus The Netherlands 22/12/2015
RE: FIT Wales United Kingdom 22/12/2015
AMICA-E Italy 22/12/2015
U.E.F.A. - European Union ELENA Foggia Facility Assistance Italy 28/12/2015
Epirus Efficient Eco-friendly Transportation, Public Lighting and Buildings Greece 26/07/2016
Warmtenet Noordwest The Netherlands 29/09/2016

Preparation and Mobilisation of Financing for Sustainable Energy Investments in Primorska Region Municipalities (PM4PM)

Slovenia 30/09/2016

Energy Project in Large Cities in Overijssel

The Netherlands 18/11/2016

Vinzenz Group (EERR-VIG)

Austria 20/12/2016

European Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF)

EU 21/12/2016

Rotterdam Renovation Fund

The Netherlands 22/12/2016

Renewable Energy For Emission Reduction in Central Denmark Region - (REFER-CDR)

Denmark 01/05/2017

PROTHEUS Smart Grid Project for Paks

Hungary 08/05/2017

Cheshire East Energy Programme

United Kingdom 24/08/2017

Sustainable Tipperary

Ireland 31/07/2017

Development of electric public transport for new opportunities (DEPO KLAIPEDA)

Lithuania 01/09/2017

Smart City Mobility Concept (SCMC)

The Netherlands 12/07/2017

Transition to Electric Buses and Boats in Movia (TEBB)

Denmark 30/10/2017

Energy Efficient Reconstruction of Public Lighting (RePublEEc)

Croatia 06/12/2017

Lower Energy Use Via an Extraordinary Network (LEUVEN)

Belgium 30/11/2017

GENova – Innovative Urban Sustainability (GEN-IUS)

Italy 06/12/2017

ECORENO'V Métropole de Lyon

France 12/12/2017

Experimentation du tiers-financement en Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ARTÉÉ)

France 19/12/2017

GOVernment Deep Energy Renovation (GOVDER)

Slovenia 18/12/2017

Technical support for the implementation of sustainable energy measures in buildings owned by the regional government of the Basque Country (CODESO)

Spain 21/12/2017

Göthenburg Cable Car (GCC)

Sweden 21/12/2017

District 6 Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings

Romania 16/02/2018

High-volume ELectric VehicLe PrOcurement (HELLO)

Germany 30/04/2018

Improving renewable energy and energy efficiency in North Denmark District HEATing (INDDHEAT)

Denmark 28/06/2018

The Capital Region Energy Investment Programme (RHEIP)

Denmark 09/07/2018

Efficiency for Berlin Properties (B.E.M)

Germany 19/07/2018

Energy Accelerator

United Kingdom 24/07/2018


Belgium 31/08/2018

South West Energy Unit

United Kingdom 13/11/2018

BIT SYSTEM for Pomorskie Region

Poland 29/10/2018
Access to Sustainability for Tenants through Energy-effective Retrofit (ASTER) Belgium 26/11/2018
Grant for Implementation of Energy Efficiency Projects (GIEEP) Latvia 17/12/2018
Green Revolution of Wealth in Salento  (GROWS) Italy 17/12/2018
Flemish Energy Saving Programme Initiative (FLESPI) Belgium 27/12/2018
KaposGrid Smart Urban Energy Project (KaposGrid) Hungary 27/12/2018
Energy Efficiency in social housing - Frederikshavn Housing Association Denmark 11/12/2018
PL-Alior EE Loans in buildings Poland 27/02/2019
ENERGY EFFICIENCY by GETIN Poland 27/02/2019
Energy Efficiency Finance Facility for Residential Buildings (EEFFRB) Poland 26/03/2019
Sustainability loans for citizens in Limburg The Netherlands 29/03/2019
Bordeaux Métropole Energies (BME) France 28/05/2019
Improving Energy Efficiency in the Region of South Aegean Greece 04/06/2019
OKTAVE France 28/06/2019
Ma Rénov Bordeaux Métropole France 05/07/2019
Parteon renovation and new buildings Programme (PARTEON) The Netherlands 19/08/2019
Smart Central Bohemian Region (Smart CEBOREG) Czech Republic 19/09/2019
The National Integrator of Investment Processes in District Heating Companies in Poland (KAPE) Poland 27/09/2019
Castro Pretorio Smart & Efficient - 4CPS&E Active Italy 30/09/2019
Sustainable Energy HBOR (SE HBOR) Croatia 03/10/2019