The EIB welcomes Transparency International’s (TI) report “Investing in Integrity. Transparency and Accountability of the EIB”, published on 15 November 2016. We generally welcome stakeholders’ input to our policies and practices and have been closely and actively cooperating with TI in the elaboration of this report. The EU Bank is pleased to note that the report commends the Bank for its high level of transparency, as well as for its high standards on several areas related to integrity and accountability. 

The report also identifies areas for improvement. In doing so, it acknowledges the unique role of the Bank in the European legal and institutional framework, and the opportunities and challenges linked to the EIB’s dual character as an EU body and as a financial institution. We take due note of the report’s recommendations and will consider them with the utmost attention. We remain open to continuing our constructive dialogue with Transparency International and other stakeholders on these important matters, based on mutual trust and benefits, with a view to continuing to uphold the highest standards in matters relating to transparency and the fight against corruption.