The Kingdom of Denmark, by common accord with the Hellenic Republic, Ireland and Romania, has nominated Mr Jens Henrik Myllerup Laursen (Deputy Director, Life-Assurance Division, Danish Financial Supervisory Authority) for appointment as a Member of the Audit Committee to succeed Ms Bettina Jakobsen, who had tendered her resignation.

By letter dated 7 September 2015, the Board of Governors was invited to vote on the proposed appointment.

The decision to nominate Mr Jens Henrik Myllerup Laursen was taken on 22 September 2015, the date on which the requisite majority of Governors' votes was reached.

The new member of the Audit Committee is appointed for the remaining two years of the initial term of office of Ms Jakobsen, expiring in 2017, at the end of the day either of the Annual Meeting or of the approval of the financial statements for the previous financial year, whichever is the later.