Mr Jean-Claude Juncker was appointed Finance Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in June 1989. At the same time he became the EIB Governor for Luxembourg.

Prior to his appointment as Minister of Finance, Mr Juncker became Parliamentary Secretary of the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) in October 1979. He was appointed Secretary of State for Labour and Social Security in December 1982. In June 1984, Mr Juncker was elected for the first time to the Luxembourg Parliament and was appointed Minister of Labour and Minister responsible for the Budget. He was also  President of the Council of the European Communities in 1985 and he took the post of Minister of Finance as well as Minister of Labour in June 1989.

Mr Juncker was born on 9 December 1954 in Redange-sur-Attert in the west of Luxembourg. A graduate in law from the University of Strasbourg, Mr Juncker was called to the Bar in February 1980, but has never practised as a lawyer.