Mr Giulio Tremonti was appointed Italy's Finance Minister on 7 May 2008, succeeding Mr Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa. At the same time he became the EIB Governor for Italy.

Mr Tremonti also held this position from 23 September 2005 to 4 May 2006 following the resignation of Mr Domenico Siniscalco.

Prior to his appointment as Finance Minister, Mr Tremonti, aged 61, was Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies from 2006 to 2008, Vice-President of Italy's Council of Ministers from April to September 2005, Finance Minister from September 2005 to May 2006, Minister of the Economy and Finance from June 2001 to July 2004 and Finance Minister from May 1994 to January 1995.

Mr Tremonti was born on 18 August 1947 in Sondrio, Lombardy. He has been Vice-President of the political party Forza Italia since 2006 and is a lecturer in tax law at the University of Pavia.