The EIB has now published the first set of data and information on its operations outside the EU based on the reporting standard of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Having joined IATI in October 2013 and now publishing to its standard reflects our strong commitment to transparency and accountability in the use of our resources and further improves public access to information on our activities.

The first EIB IATI reporting includes all contracts that were signed in 2014 in countries outside the EU (except EFTA countries). From now on, we will report data on a monthly basis, i.e. the IATI files will be up-dated every month and new signed contracts will be added. We have also published our IATI Implementation Schedule which provides an overview of the scope of our IATI reporting. It lists the individual data items for which information will be published in the IATI standard.

“Publishing IATI data on our activities will enable the European Investment Bank to reinforce our engagement to finance investment that supports development”, said EIB Vice-President, Philippe de Fontaine-Vive, whose responsibilities include transparency. “As Europe's bank we operate around the world and reporting on our activities based on the IATI standard will improve understanding on the ground and allow more effective financial and technical contribution. This will enable a wide range of development stakeholders who are interested, from public officials in partner countries to civil society, to access information about our activities more easily,” he added.

The International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) has been operating since 2011 and allows organisations involved in development, including donor and developing countries, civil society organisations and other experts in aid information, as well as both donor and partner countries, to increase the transparency of aid and development finance. Greater participation in IATI will help implement transparency commitments made at the Accra Agenda for Action in the most consistent and coherent ways. IATI has developed and agreed a common, open, international standard – the IATI standard. This sets guidelines for publishing data about aid and development finance spending, improving the comparability of different donors' contributions.

The EIB has been a member of the IATI since October 2013 and we have been working over the last months with the IATI Secretariat to set in place the necessary systems and procedures to implement the IATI reporting standard. A dedicated webpage provides all relevant information and links on EIB transparency initiatives.