On July 21, the 45 working days public consultation process on the EIB's Disclosure and Information Policy Review was closed.

Following discussions with interested stakeholders, and in line with its flexible approach to the consultation process, the Bank feels it appropriate to launch a second round of consultation on the basis of a re-edited draft policy, taking into account stakeholder comments and contributions received during the 45 days consultation period.

A new version of the draft policy will be published for comment on the EIB's website for 15 working days in October (the final timetable will allow for an appropriate handling of stakeholder contributions and dialogue). The formal stakeholder contributions received during the first round of consultation will also be published - for information.

The Bank's Review Panel is analysing the stakeholder comments and contributions submitted in the first consultation period to see the extent to which they can be taken into account. The Deputy Secretary General is chairing the Panel. Its members represent the Directorates having a particular interest in disclosure and information issues. After the second consultation round, the Review Panel will analyse any new comments. At the end of the full consultation process, the Panel's evaluations will be included in a Consultation Report to be submitted to the Bank's Board of Directors, together with the draft policy review. After Board approval, the new policy and the Consultation Report will be published on the EIB's website. Contributors to the consultation process will be informed directly.

On 21 October the Bank will hold a Consultation Workshop in Rome to discuss a pre-final draft revised policy with interested stakeholders (the first Workshop took place in Brussels on 22 June). For information about the Workshop, view the event published on the Bank's website.

As from 22 July, new comments on the draft document, which was published in the first consultation period (19 May - 21 July), cannot be considered (only those who have indicated, in writing, before the end of the first consultation period that they intended to submit comments can still do so). The first draft policy document and information about the closed consultation process can be viewed in the attached PDF files.

Provisional timetable of the second consultation round
3 October Launch of a public consultation on a re-edited draft Public Disclosure and Information Policy, taking into account stakeholder comments from the first consultation round.

The new draft policy document and information about the consultation process will be posted on the EIB website and sent to stakeholders who have shown a particular interest in the policy review.
21 October Deadline for submitting comments on the draft policy.
21 October Consultation Workshop in Rome to discuss the pre-final draft policy with interested stakeholders.

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