Plant a tree

The European Investment Bank (EIB) and NGO WeForest will plant 20 000 trees as a result of an initiative to make our planet greener.

In 2017 the European Investment Bank (EIB) launched a campaign to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first Climate Awareness Bond, pledging to plant a tree for every submission of a form available on this website. We received more than 3 300 registrations. At the end of the campaign, the EIB decided to top-up the amount donated to NGO WeForest, our partner in the initiative, so that 20 000 trees will be planted on behalf of the EIB.

The trees from this campaign will be planted in Khasi Hills (India) and in Amhara (Ethiopia) - 10 000 in each location.

You can find the details of the respective forest restoration projects, the tree species planted in the two locations and their estimated impact on the NGO’s website: Khasi Hills (India)Amhara (Ethiopia).

Thank you for your support!



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