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EIB President Hoyer with Danish Minister of Economic Affairs and Interior Morten Ostergaard

On 29 January EIB President Werner Hoyer met Minister of Economic Affairs and Interior Morten Ostergaard and the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen in Copenhagen to discuss the Investment Plan for Europe, as well as the projects Denmark seeks to promote through the Investment Plan.

President Werner Hoyer said: “The objective of the Investment Plan for Europe is to unlock EUR 315bn of investment to foster growth and enhance competitiveness of the European Union. The Danish government is rightly focussing its attention on additional investment that supports innovative projects and technology, in addition to the traditional infrastructure and energy sectors.”

During his visit, President Werner Hoyer also discussed the ongoing activity of the European Investment Bank in Denmark. He confirmed that the bank will continue to strongly support research, development and innovation activities of Danish companies, as well as Danish SMEs. Only last year, the EIB Group financed projects in Denmark to the tune of over EUR 1 billion.