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On 8 March 2022, the European Commission announced the REPowerEU Communication that includes doubling of the European Union (EU) hydrogen production target and underlining the need to enhance EU manufacturing capabilities of equipment such as electrolysers. In this context, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance launched a call for project promoters among its members to present their projects to the EIB.

Promoters of electrolyser manufacturing and electrolyser deployment (hydrogen production) projects are invited to provide basic project information using this template. The deadline for submitting completed forms to grow-hydrogen-platform@ec.europa.eu is 5 April 2022. EIB teams will assess the information provided and select projects. Introductions are expected to be held end-April/early May and will give project promoters the opportunity to present their projects in detail. The possibility of EIB Advisory support will be explored for eligible projects.

The development of green, zero-emission hydrogen requires significant investments. In the EU context, the EIB is a key funding partner. Over the past eight years, the EU bank has provided over €550 million in direct financial support related to hydrogen technologies, which have helped mobilise over €1.2 billion in overall investment. The Bank has provided advisory support to projects across Europe representing over €1 billion in potential investment. Currently, the Bank supports technologies such as electrolysers, catalysts and fuel cells. It also finances large-scale hydrogen production, including electrolysis, carbon capture and storage and hydrogen stations.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance supports the large-scale deployment of clean hydrogen technologies by 2030 by bringing together renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, demand in industry, mobility and other sectors, and hydrogen transmission and distribution. It aims to promote investments and stimulate the roll-out of clean hydrogen production and use. Set up in July 2020, the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is part of EU efforts to ensure industrial leadership and accelerate the decarbonisation of industry in line with its climate change objectives.