The European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission will present their joint report “Increasing lending to the economy: implementing the EIB capital increase” ([DE], [EN], [FR]) to the European Council to take place on 27-28 of June. The report shows that the capital increase of 10 bn Euro decided by the Member States last year has been implemented and that the EIB is delivering. 

The EIB is making an important contribution to growth and jobs in Europe. Thanks to the EUR 10bn by the Member States the EIB has been able to significantly boost its activity, volumes and risk assumptions for investments into the real economy.

In particular the EIB is active in programme and vulnerable countries to preserve access to finance for viable projects. In parallel, new financial instruments have been developed to address specific market gaps such as a trade finance facility in Greece or to improve the lending terms for SMEs via the creation of a SME fund. The EIB and the Commission are also closely cooperating to develop new joint initiatives to support SMEs.