The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing Novozymes, a Copenhagen-based industrial enzymes company, with EUR 100m in financing to boost its research and development activities in industrial enzymes and microorganisms.

The EIB loan will support Novozymes in maintaining the high quality of its research and development activities, retaining its global technology leadership and long-term competitiveness and thus creating conditions for further economic growth and employment in Europe.

Enzyme-assisted products and processes enjoy increasing demand, as they can replace more environmentally intrusive conventional chemicals, or more energy-intensive processes. In nature, enzymes catalyse biochemical reactions. They convert food in our stomachs into energy and turn fallen leaves into compost. In industry, enzymes replace chemicals and accelerate production processes. They help companies produce more, while using less water, energy and raw materials with a technology that replaces conventional chemicals and reduces environmental impact.