In late September 2022, Secrétariat général de l’enseignement catholique (SeGEC), Belfius Banque, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the DUSS consultancy launched a major project to equip private schools with solar panels. A year and a half later, all of the partners together with Reno.energy — the company that won the installation call for tenders in 2023 — have stated that the project has so far been a success. 

Jointly financed by Belfius Banque and (for technical preparation) by the EIB via EU grants under the ELENA programme (European Local ENergy Assistance, a technical assistance mechanism for local energy efficiency projects), this project is of unprecedented scale and ambition for the Belgian school sector.  

The goal of this ambitious four-year programme set to last until 2026 is to make school buildings more sustainable, thereby helping cut CO2 emissions and reducing energy bills for the around 800 Catholic education organising authorities in the French and German-speaking communities of the country. So far, 250 schools have a project in progress and 70 have completed installation.

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