The European Investment Bank and Strabag a.s. (Czech Republic) have reached an agreement regarding a case of prohibited conduct by Strabag a.s. in the EIB-financed project R4-Mirotice Trebkov, Pisek – reconstruction of the na Bakalarich Site, Phase I. The EIB has concluded its investigation and, according to the agreement, Strabag a.s. has voluntarily agreed not to participate in any EIB-financed projects during an exclusion period ending 31 March 2024. Already since 1 April 2022 Strabag a.s. had been voluntarily refraining from involvement in EIB-financed projects, bringing the total period of its non-participation in EIB-financed projects to 24 months.

The Strabag group has already implemented and will continue to implement, maintain and develop rigorous group-wide compliance procedures, especially with regard to Strabag a.s., to mitigate the risk of any similar issues arising in the future. Strabag a.s. has been certified in the Czech Republic according to ISO 19600 and ISO 37001, and STRABAG SE has recently obtained a certification according to ISO 37001 and 37301 (anticorruption and compliance management systems) across the Strabag group of companies.

Strabag a.s. will (in addition to the group’s ongoing efforts) finance anti-corruption, integrity, sustainability, climate change and/or environmental protection activities and, in this context, has agreed to provide €1 900 000 to fund such projects in the next five years.

Furthermore, Strabag a.s. will cooperate with the EIB in the exchange of best practices in relation to compliance standards and the fight against fraud and corruption in the construction sector.

The Strabag group is dedicated to its compliance system and the values incorporated therein. It will therefore continue to investigate and remedy any wrongful conduct of its managers and/or employees.