Vice-President Scannapieco talks about how knowledge and innovation can contribute to the recovery of the manufacturing industry in Southern Italy and boost its economic development.

He reminds us not only the key role of the EIB group in supporting the “harmonious development” of Europe, as stated in the Treaty of Rome, but also our common values. By quoting the words of Schuman, one of the fathers of the European unity, he highlights in particular the importance of “solidarity”, especially towards the less developed regions. “The word “solidarity” is derived from the Latin word “solidus” meaning “mutual support” and telling us that a body's strength lies in its cohesion. Cohesion that – on a social level – stems from the idea of sharing a common destiny. An inclusive and cohesive society is therefore a strong society”.

The Vice-President gave this speech at the conference “A knowledge-based industry: southern Italy's new challenge” organised by SVIMEZ, the association for the industrial development of southern Italy, held last 27th of May at the “Accademia dei Lincei” in Rome.