• European Investment Bank (EIB) signs €100 million loan with Zuyderland Group, to optimise and renew its hospital and long-term care facilities.
  • Financing to be used for redistributing acute care across Zuyderland’s two sites, the construction of new laboratories and the renovation of facilities in Herleen.
  • The loan is part of a long-term investment programme which will introduce innovative models of healthcare to bring care closer to patients’ homes.

The European Investment Bank and the Dutch healthcare provider Zuyderland Healthcare Group have signed a loan agreement of €100 million. Zuyderland is based in the cities of Heerlen and Sittard-Geleen in the province of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. It will use the financing to optimise and modernise health service delivery for approximately 480 000 residents in the Limburg region.

Zuyderland operates the biggest non-academic hospital in the Netherlands and is one of the top 28 clinical hospitals in the country. With its ongoing investment programme, Zuyderland intends to redistribute and consolidate various services between its two sites in Heerlen and Sittard-Geleen. This process includes the construction of operating theatres and new laboratories in Sittard-Gerleen, as well as the partial renovation of the Heerlen site. Alongside this, Zuyderland’s long-term care facilities need to respond to the rising demands of an ageing population, which requires an extension and upgrade of its long-term care, assisted living and home care facilities. New, modern facilities that can cater for changes in demand and regulatory requirements are expected to benefit both patients and healthcare staff.

Roel Goffin, chief financial officer and board member at Zuyderland said: “We are very happy to have concluded this agreement. It shows that the European Investment Bank shares the vision of Zuyderland for the region of South Limburg. Thanks to this loan, our investment programme will be secured until 2029, meaning we can continue to build upon our “the best care, as much at home as possible” strategy. A fantastic milestone for Zuyderland!”

EIB Vice-President Kris Peeters added: “These are obviously difficult times for the healthcare sector. The fact that, in spite of that, Zuyderland confidently continues to build the future of healthcare for the region of South Limburg, deserves much praise. We are glad that we can support Zuyderland with its investment programme, which is also very much in line with our own mission, to improve people’s lives through our investments.”

An essential part of Zuyderland’s programme is the introduction of innovative models of healthcare so that certain medical cases will no longer require hospitalisation. For patients with multiple morbidities and chronic diseases in particular, the programme intends to move medical care out of the hospital and closer to their homes. Some of the new care facilities will also consider the particular needs of the rising numbers of patients with dementia and similar diseases. Overall, the new and refurbished facilities will improve conditions for both patients and staff.

The EIB made nearly €2.2 billion in loans available for projects in the Netherlands in 2020.