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The European Investment Bank (EIB) and COPEAM have joined forces to create an e-learning course to help journalists improve their reporting skills in the field of climate change. Since 2020, this free professional online training course has been open to journalists from the Mediterranean partner countries and Balkan countries. The new edition of the course will start in November 2021 in parallel with the UN COP26 climate conference. For the first time, the course will be open to journalists from all African countries and will be available in English, French and Arabic on the teaching platform of the International Telematic University Uninettuno, partner of the project.

The training programme is composed of video lectures, exercises and supporting material delivered by experts from United Kingdom, Italy, Kenya, Serbia and Egypt. A professor will tutor the trainees throughout the course. Several video contributions from the field will also give the floor to academics, experts and senior professionals working in the domain of scientific communication. A webinar involving the beneficiaries will be also organised to assess and comment on the outcomes of COP26.

Interested candidates can send their application to COPEAM until 6 October. The call for participation can be downloaded at: www.copeam.org/activities/reporting-climate-change-the-20212022-edition-of-the-e-learning-course-for-journalists/   

Background information

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is one of the leading development finance players in the Mediterranean region. The Bank’s goal is to support economic and social development by improving people’s living conditions. The EIB aims to establish a tangible presence in the partner countries, focusing on the economic and social priorities of the beneficiary countries to which it not only contributes its financing capacity but also adds value in project implementation and modernisation of public policies through its technical and financial expertise and advisory services.

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