The European Investment Bank (EIB) has just launched an e-learning course providing the required knowledge and skills to implement its EU-based environmental and social standards.

Primarily focused on the needs of the EIB’s financial intermediaries outside the EU, this course will suit the needs of anyone interested in integrating environmental and social dimensions to ensure sustainable investment projects.

Why an e-learning course?

The EIB is the European Union's bank and is owned by the EU Member States. Being the world’s largest multilateral financier, we provide funding and expertise for sustainable projects in more than 160 countries.

The sustainability of our investments is a prerequisite as much as their bankability. This is why the 10 environmental and social standards apply to all EIB’s investment projects:

  • When the EIB invests directly in projects, EIB’s experts are in charge of applying these standards at the appraisal and monitoring stages
  • When the investment is intermediated, it is the responsibility of the local financial intermediaries to apply these standards to the projects eligible for EIB funding

In order to fulfill this contractual obligation, financial intermediaries already have access to the EIB Environmental and social handbook. The EIB has now developed an e-learning course to better meet the needs of its intermediaries, tailored to the type of projects that they usually fund.

How does the course work?

The e-learning course consists of four modules allowing participants to progressively acquire the ability to manage environmental and social (E&S) risks:

  • Module 1 gives an overview of the relevance for a financial institution to include E&S dimensions when assessing an investment
  • Module 2 details the 10 EU-based EIB E&S standards
  • Module 3 explains how to implement an E&S management plan
  • Module 4 provides case studies for users to test their knowledge

The course includes videos, audio tutorials, PDF scripts as well as online tests. The content can be downloaded allowing for users to work off-line.

The course is self-paced but would require about 40 hours to be fully completed. Users do not need to complete each module.

The e-learning course is free of charge.

Once successfully completed, participants receive a course certification.

Who should register?

The e-learning course is primarily targeted at the EIB’s financial intermediaries outside the EU. However, all stakeholders interested in environmental and social standards applied to investments would benefit from the course and are welcome to join!

How to access?

The EIB E&S standards e-learning course is accessible here:

Contact info: