Environmental and Social Handbook

Environmental and Social Handbook

  •  Release date: 03 December 2013
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The EIB Environmental and Social Handbook (the Handbook) provides an operational translation of the policies and principles contained in the 2009 EIB Statement of Environmental and Social Principles and Standards. Originally adopted in September 2010, the Handbook has recently been updated following a 12-month consultation process with internal and external stakeholders. The revision of the Handbook was completed following an in-depth review aimed at clarifying its structure and taking into account current changes in practices and realities that influence environmental sustainability and human well-being.

The Handbook consists of two parts. Part I of the Handbook provides external actors with a description of the standards to achieve, grouped across 10 thematic areas covering the full scope of environmental, climate and social impacts and issues. Part II describes the internal environmental and social due diligence processes and practices of the Bank, to ensure that all financing activities are consistent with its environmental and social standards. The revised Handbook is effective as of January 1st 2014.

The Handbook is subject to periodic review, revision and approval by the Bank's Governing Bodies. The Handbook is a "live" document that undergoes continuous improvement with the evolution of knowledge and experience, as well as changes in policy and practices.

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