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  • Refurbishment and upgrading of the rail network
  • Better quality, safer and more reliable services

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is providing a EUR 600 million loan to finance the refurbishment and upgrading of Austria’s rail network. In the period up to 2017, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG will use the loan to fund and implement the modernisation of tracks, signalling and telecommunications equipment, stations, bridges, electrification systems, level crossings and technical equipment. This will make rail travel more attractive and improve the quality and safety of railway infrastructure for customers and rail companies.

This financing operation builds on ÖBB and the EIB’s successful cooperation: EIB funds have previously financed projects including the construction and extension of the St. Pölten - Loosdorf (25 km bypass) and Ybbs - Amstetten (17 km four-track extension) rail section. The increased capacity of the section will make rail transport even more flexible and more reliable. The extended section will also enable trains to travel at a higher speed in future, which means shorter journey times. Furthermore, it will mean that, even with the constant growth in traffic volumes, people will not have to switch to using roads. The project will thus make an important contribution towards sustainable transport, which is one of the focal points of the EIB’s activities. As goods traffic will finally be diverted around St. Pölten, this will reduce noise pollution in the town.

Under the agreement signed yesterday, EIB funds are for the first time being provided for refurbishment schemes.