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The European Investment Bank (EIB) has granted a EUR 200 million loan to CaixaBank for financing public facilities. The loan agreement was signed by EIB Vice-President Magdalena Álvarez and CaixaBank’s Deputy Chairman and CEO, Juan María Nin.

This credit line will support the financing of small and medium-scale projects that help to improve or expand local, provincial or regional public facilities in areas including health, education, urban renewal, environmental protection, pollution reduction, and energy rationalisation, diversification and efficiency.

At the signing ceremony, Juan María Nin highlighted “CaixaBank’s commitment to sustainable projects that benefit the whole of society in important areas such as health, education and environmental protection”. Against the background of the current crisis, he went on to stress “the value of the EIB and CaixaBank’s joint efforts to finance viable projects in both the private and public sectors”.

EIB Vice-President Magdalena Álvarez underlined “the EIB’s firm commitment to financing economic and social infrastructure, which is key to strengthening the economy’s growth capacity and fostering job creation”. She emphasised that such investment “also encouraged the more efficient use of resources and ultimately promoted environmentally responsible quality growth.”

This new EIB credit line follows on from others extended to CaixaBank to finance small businesses, renewable energies and long-term social housing, enabling it to reach all areas of the economy.