The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending EUR 30.3 million to the City of Tampere for infrastructure investments.

Tampere, the third biggest city in Finland, is rehabilitating a cogeneration power plant and improving urban infrastructure.

The Naistenlahti cogeneration power plant is being modernised and the use of natural gas as an energy source instead of peat will be increased. The electricity distribution network is being expanded as well.

Tampere is also investing in the upgrading of the centre of the city above all in the former industrial sites of Tampella and Finlayson. Infrastructure schemes related to the construction and rehabilitation of streets and other public areas are aimed at improving the urban environment and necessary infrastructure services such as water distribution and sewage networks are provided for new development areas.

With regard to the urban environment component of the investments, the EIB loan is extended within the framework of the so-called Amsterdam Special Action Programme.

The Amsterdam Special Action Programme is the EIB's response to the 1997 Amsterdam EU Summit's resolution on Growth and Employment and includes risk capital facilities for innovative SMEs and lending to the "human capital" sectors of education, health and urban renewal.