Central Bank of Luxembourg
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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LUXEMBOURG-AUG 10:Central Bank of Luxembourg in the Boulevard Royal on August 10,2017 in Luxembourg. ©Vytautas Kielaitis/Shutterstock

As part of a series of events organised to debate current trends in investment and investment finance at the national level in different EU Member States, the European Investment Bank organised a seminar on Investment and Investment Finance in Luxembourg. The event took place on 30 January at the Central Bank of Luxembourg.  

Debora Revoltella – Director of the EIB’s Economics Department – presented the results for Luxembourg of the EIB’s annual Survey on Investment and Investment Finance (EIBIS), an EU-wide survey that gathers qualitative and quantitative information from 12 500 SMEs and larger non-financial companies in all 28 EU Member States on investment activities, their financing sources and needs, and challenges that businesses face.

The EIBIS reveals that although investment is recovering in Europe, that recovery is slow and uneven among countries and asset classes. Understanding the reasons behind this slow recovery in investment is key to defining appropriate intervention policies.

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The EIB Investment Survey helps the EIB address the needs of businesses across all 28 EU Member States.

This overview presents the key results of each of the 28 EU Member States.

Discover the results at a glance