National-level events on investment and investment finance - 2018

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National-level events on investment and investment finance - 2018

In order to disseminate EIB research findings and to engage in dialogue with academics, policy makers and the private sector at the national level, we partner with national institutions such as central banks to hold workshops or conferences in many different European cities. The focus is on national-level trends in investment and investment finance and the implications for policy at both the Member State and EU levels. The EIBIS database provides a unique input into these discussions.

Details of recent events and many associated presentations can be accessed through the calendar or below.

National-level events in 2018

Date Title City Country
14/06/2018 Vienna Initiative Working Group Luxembourg Luxembourg
31/05/2018 Cyprus - Investment and Investment Finance Nicosia Cyprus
03/05/2018 Estonia - Investment and Investment Finance Tallinn Estonia
03/05/2018 France - Investment and Investment Finance Paris France
16/04/2018 Austria - Investment and Investment Finance Vienna Austria
13/04/2018 Poland - Investment and Investment Finance Warsaw Poland
12/03/2018 Belgium - Investment and Investment Finance Brussels Belgium
07/03/2018 Croatia - Investment and Investment Finance Zagreb Croatia
13/02/2018 Italy - Investment and Investment Finance  Rome Italy
30/01/2018 Luxembourg - Investment and Investment Finance  Luxembourg Luxembourg

National-level events in 2017

Date Title City Country
15/12/2017 Investment and Investment Finance in Denmark
Copenhagen Denmark
04/12/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – the case of Portugal
Porto Portugal
16/11/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – the case of Slovenia
Ljubljana Slovenia
31/10/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – the case of Malta
Valletta Malta
08/09/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – the case of Spain
Madrid Spain
21/06/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – the case of Romania
Bucharest Romania
06/06/2017 CNB-EIB Conference: Investment in the Czech Republic
Prague Czech Republic
10/04/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – Funding Growth and Recovery in Europe Dublin Ireland
27/03/2017 Investments and finance in Italy: challenges and opportunities Rome Italy
20/03/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – The Austrian case Vienna Austria
10/03/2017 Reactivating the investment channel Paris France
27/02/2017 Investment and Investment Finance – the Polish story Warsaw Poland