Project loans - features

Project loans - features

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What are project loans?

Loans to finance projects promoted by private and public sector companies or entities, or public-private partnerships, among others, located in the EU, neighbouring countries or other countries around the world.  Depending on risk and other features of the project and specific operation, this product may be supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI), InnovFin or other mandates managed by the EIB.

Who is eligible?

  • Large corporates, including utilities
  • Medium-sized companies (Midcaps)
  • Public–private partnerships/Special purpose vehicles (including for project finance)
  • National administrations or local authorities
  • Public sector companies

Key benefits of EIB project loans

  • Long tenors and attractive pricing
  • Quality stamp and positive signalling effect, catalysing additional financing from other investors
  • Long-term perspective, with a view to supporting EU public policy objectives
  • Expertise in financial and technical project preparation

Indicative features


medium and long-term loans


to partly finance the “project


the cumulative investment costs related to eligible expenditures during the project implementation, typically over a period of up to 3 years, or longer on a case-by-case basis. As part of the due diligence process, the EIB reviews budgeted investments in order to define the EIB project and identify those items that are eligible for EIB support


viable projects or investment programmes in sectors of key importance where the EIB has the capacity to deliver a positive impact on the economy, including strategic infrastructure (digital, transport, water, energy, etc.) and the environment. Multi-sector programmes can also be envisaged

Loan size

min approximately EUR 25m, taking into account:

  • max. 50% of the total eligible investment costs/project, and
  • the credit risk limits applicable for the risk profile of the borrower and the operation structure

Example: a promoter plans to spend approximately EUR 200m over the next 3 years on an infrastructure project; accordingly the EIB loan could typically reach max of EUR 100m (50%).


depending on credit risk profile and linked to the economic life of the project (assets); typically up to 15 years or longer (up to 30 years) on a case-by-case basis


senior, subordinated

Covenants & security

secured or unsecured, decided on a case-by-case basis


reflects the credit risk profile and EIB funding advantage based on its excellent rating

How to apply

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