NER300 - Green-tech demonstration support

NER300 - Green-tech demonstration support

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We support the European Commission as an agent in the implementation of the NER300 initiative: the world’s largest funding programme for carbon capture and storage demonstration projects and innovative renewable energy technologies. A Cooperation Agreement details the respective roles of the two institutions in implementing the NER300 Decision, notably, as far as concerns the EIB:

See here for the latest NER300 monetisation reports.

  • Appraisal of projects submitted by Member States for funding.

For details of the project application and selection process and the EIB’s role, please refer to the European Commission’s (EC) dedicated NER300 websites.

 1st call:,

 2nd call:

In the first call of the NER300 Initiative (2011/12), the EIB successfully completed the technical and financial due diligence on 79 projects in 9 months including providing continuing advice and support to the EC in the finalisation of the NER300 award decisions for 23 projects ( In April 2013, the EC launched the second call for project proposals. The EIB received 33 project applications in July 2013 and submitted the results of its due diligence to the EC after 7 months. The EC published award decisions in July 2014 for 19 projects