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VieCuri Medical Centre has taken out €160 million in loans with the European Investment Bank (EIB), Rabobank and the Dutch Guarantee Fund for the Healthcare Sector (WfZ) to fund its major investment plan. This will cover projects including the renovation and expansion of the operating theatre complex and medical imaging department in Venlo, a new building in Venray and sustainability investments, as well as vital ICT innovations such as electronic patient files.

VieCuri Chairman IJsbrand Schouten said: “As a top clinical hospital, VieCuri is always endeavouring to improve the quality of the care it provides. It does so not only via education, research and innovation, but also by improving its facilities. VieCuri is expanding its provision of specialised care, and is future-proofing its locations by renovating and relocating existing facilities and constructing new buildings. We are also preparing VieCuri itself for the future by promoting a healthy lifestyle in a sustainable care environment.”

Good for staff, patients and the environment

“A lot has changed in the Dutch healthcare sector in recent years,” said EIB Vice-President Kris Peeters. “This, together with an ageing population, has created a need for major investment in more modern and more efficient hospitals. The EIB is happy to provide funds to support a top clinical hospital in this endeavour. The modernisation of the VieCuri facilities in Venlo and Venray is good for patients, staff and also for the environment — something we value highly in our role as the EU climate bank.”

The construction of new, energy-efficient buildings and further sustainability investments will enable VieCuri make major savings on its energy bills and cut its CO2 emissions. This is in line with its target to almost halve its CO2 emissions by 2030 (compared to 2013 levels).

“As VieCuri’s main bank, Rabobank has had an open and constructive relationship with the hospital for years. VieCuri is a care and sustainability leader the North Limburg healthcare market, and we are pleased that this loan will further strengthen our partnership and that we can help the organisation to achieve its goals,” added Rabobank Director for Healthcare Michel van Schaik.

WfZ Director Frans Schaepkens said: “In view of its role and objectives, WfZ is pleased to contribute to financing VieCuri’s investment plan. Cutting CO2 emissions by making the organisation’s real estate more sustainable is fully in line with the broader changes supported by WfZ.”