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    The EIB arranged its annual news conference for 25 February 2010 at the International Press Centre in rue de la Loi in Brussels.

    Philippe Maystadt, President, and Philippe de Fontaine-Vive, Vice-President, reviewed the EIB’s activities in 2009, the outlook for 2010 and items of current concern. They also answered questions from journalists.

    • Slide presentation [EN]
    • Full package of documentation (Press release and briefing notes) [DE], [EN], [FR]
    • Press release containing the main highlights [HTML], [pdf DE], [pdf EN], [pdf FR]
    • Briefing Notes:
      • EIB steps up SMEs lendings in response to financial crisis [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Convergence lending increases by 36% in 2009 [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The EIB’s action against climate change [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Mid-term review of EIB external lending activity [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The EIB delivers: support for European economy with lending worth EUR 79bn [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB boosts its support for the knowledge economy [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Trans-European transport networks (TENs) again draw more EIB loans [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Promoting environmental sustainability [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The EIB supports EU energy objectives [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Preparing the Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries for accession: EIB most active lender in South-East Europe! [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Financing in Eastern Partner Countries and Central Asia [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • FEMIP: concrete support for the common Mediterranean project [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • The EIB is contributing to development across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB substantially increases partnership in Asia and Latin America [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • EIB Borrowing Activities in 2009 [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Enhancing Transparency, Public Information and Relations with Civil Society [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • Strict EIB rules regarding the use of offshore centres [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • European Investment Fund Activity [DE], [EN], [FR]
      • List of financing operations in 2009 [DE], [EN], [FR]