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European Ombudsman

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the EIB and the European Ombudsman in 2008 sets the scene for the two-stage complaints process: the EIB’s Complaints Mechanism handles in the first instance the complaints concerning an EIB project, policy or activity. If the outcome of this complaint is not satisfactory, the citizen can then escalate the concern to the European Ombudsman.

The MoU between the EIB and the European Ombudsman aims to:

  • improve stakeholders' protection from possible maladministration regarding the activities of the EIB Group
  • ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the European Ombudsman’s related inquiries
  • promote accurate stakeholder understanding of the involvement of the European Ombudsman regarding EIB’s activities

“Constructive cooperation between the European Ombudsman and the EIB Group is the keystone of this mechanism of citizen-driven accountability. Such cooperation contributes to the application of EU’s standards of good administration beyond the borders of the EU.”

Roberto Rando, Senior Complaints Officer