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    EIB Global is partnering with FONPLATA Development Bank in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay on a series of urban and rural development projects. Supported by the Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF), our support ranged from improving flood drainage in Corumbá, and developing green spaces and street lighting in São Gonçalo do Amarante, in Brazil, to installing rainwater-harvesting tanks and solar panels in remote villages in the Andes in Bolivia.

    Through our videos, discover how we helped improve quality of life for the local communities.

    Changing lives in the Bolivian Andes

    Communities of remote villages in the Bolivian Andes have no access to electric grids or running water. Until recently, they had to live without electricity and rely on natural sources of often-contaminated water.

    Supported by our loan, the Bolivian government’s Harvesting Water, Sowing Light project has already installed 1 283 rainwater-harvesting tanks, and over 3 500 solar panels for households, schools and health posts, improving the daily life of local communities.

    In supplying a clean source of energy, the project provides villagers with reliable access to electricity and helps to fight climate change.


    Improving living conditions for Marta and her students

    Marta teaches children in the school in Ukhira, a remote village in the Potosí region of Bolivian Andes. Conditions were not always easy in the region; water was scarce and families had no electricity. Fortunately, things are changing for the better.

    Since 2018, rainwater-harvesting systems and solar panels have been installed in Ukhira to provide electricity. Today, Marta and the children can simply get fresh water from the tap and use the electricity produced by the solar panels at the school and at home.


    Angélica: a solar panel improves health services for an Andean village

    Angélica is a nurse who runs a health post providing primary care in Collpa, a small village in the Andes in Bolivia. Until recently, she had to manage without electricity, using candles and travelling to the nearest town to charge her phone and computer.

    That changed in 2022 when a solar panel was installed next to the post, providing electricity and more reliable connectivity, meaning she can better support the communities that rely on her care.


    Clean energy and fresh water for Felicia and Pedro

    Felicia and Pedro run their smallholding 2 hours’ walk from the nearest town in the remote Bolivian Andes. It was hard work for Felicia finding and fetching water every day, until 2018, when rainwater-harvesting tanks were installed at their home. In 2022, they also had a solar panel installed, meaning they now have a reliable source of clean energy inside their home and no longer have to burn fuel for light.


    Making Brazilian cities more sustainable

    Increased drought means less water for more people in cities, as people relocate from the surrounding countryside.

    Our partnership with FONPLATA, supported by the Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF), focusses on climate resilience of Brazilian cities such as São Gonçalo do Amarante and Corumbá.


    Supporting sustainable development in Corumbá

    What do you like most about life in Corumbá? Discover how we promote sustainable development in Brazilian cities, so they can adapt to the challenges brought by climate change and offer a great environment for people to live


    Improving air quality in Corumbá

    As a nurse working in Corumbá, Suellen saw children suffering from breathing in the dust in the dry season. Thanks to our support, the air quality has improved, benefitting the inhabitants’ lives and health, while helping the city adapt to climate change.


    Making Corumbá more resilient to droughts and flooding

    When Benedito first came to live in Corumbá, flooding in the rainy season and dust in the dry season made daily life difficult. Now, Corumbá is becoming more resilient to the droughts and flooding caused by climate change.


    Helping São Gonçalo do Amarante adapt to the challenges of climate change

    São Gonçalo do Amarante is becoming a green town, with new parks, cycle lanes and a reliable drinking water system. Find out how our support accompanies the local authorities as they adapt to the challenges of climate change.


    Building safer and greener neighbourhoods in Brazil

    With climate change provoking more heatwaves, access to water, green spaces and reduced traffic are becoming essential for urban living. Our video explains how we support water infrastructure, new cycle lanes, well-lit public parks and leisure areas to make life in São Gonçalo do Amarante in Brazil more enjoyable for people like Lavínia.


    About the Latin America Investment Facility

    The Latin America Investment Facility (LAIF) finances key projects in Latin America with a view to supporting sustainable and inclusive development in the region. The facility targets projects that improve infrastructure, increase environmental protection and provide support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The LAIF uses EU development funding to leverage additional investment from development finance institutions, local governments and the private sector.

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