Former EIB Vice-President Corneille Bruck passed away on 26 September 2021 in Bonn. He was 88 years old.

“As a the first Vice-President hailing from Luxembourg, Corneille Bruck left a lasting legacy both inside and outside the EIB, further cementing our relationship with the country that has hosted us since the early 1960s.” President Hoyer commented. “Colleagues who worked with him remember his commitment to European integration, and his belief in Luxembourg as part of a wider, European community. Although his tenure as VP was short, Corneille Bruck served the Bank in different roles for many more years and he is warmly remembered for it”.

Mr Bruck legacy for the EIB include 6 years as a member of its Audit Committee and 10 years on the EIB’s Board of Directors, before being appointed Vice-President. In addition to this, the visibility of EIB in its host country and the relationship with Luxembourg and its authorities and local networks were an important part of his heritage. Arriving during challenging times in the 1990s, Vice-President Bruck signed the first Luxemburgish global loan to SNCI, as well as the first loan to Arbed-Belval.

Mr. Bruck served his country and the European Union during a long distinguished career and he will be remembered as a man of honor and conviction.