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The European Investment Bank (EIB) is lending EUR 100 million to finance wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure in Kutaisi.

In Kutaisi, Georgia’s second largest city with approximately 200 000 inhabitants, the EIB will finance the rehabilitation and extension of the municipal sewerage system and the construction of a mechanical biological wastewater treatment plant.

EIB Vice-President László Baranyay, responsible for the Bank’s operations in Georgia commented: “Water and sanitary infrastructure is high on the EIB’s agenda in Georgia, in line with the government’s priorities. We have already financed a number of projects in this sector across the country, and this is another loan with a major environmental and health dimension.”

Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, Janos Herman, noted: "The European Union makes full use of its tools, including EIB loans and special grants to help improving the lives of Georgians. The Kutaisi project is an important example of this, and I look forward to many similar endeavours in the coming years."

The total project cost, which addresses water supply and wastewater investments in several municipalities in western Georgia, is EUR 280 million, co-financed by the Asian Development Bank (EUR 172 million) and with grants from the Neighbourhood Investment Facility (EUR 4.75 million) and the Eastern Partnership Technical Assistance Trust Fund (EUR 3.25 million).