The European Investment Bank (EIB) granted four loans totalling more than PLN 1 billion for investments in environment protection, urban infrastructure modernisation in Łódź and railway infrastructure in western Poland. It constitutes yet another example of the European Union's bank's support for the Polish economy, which totalled almost PLN 23 billion last year.

László Baranyay, vice-president of EIB responsible for the bank's operations in Poland stressed that "By supporting the implementation of these important investments, the EIB, as the European Union's bank, is further engaged in increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy. Thanks to excellent cooperation with Polish cities, banks and railway companies we will be able to support realisation of investments that contribute to sustainable economic development and increasing the quality of life in Poland".

Eco-friendly investments in Poland will be realised thanks to the fifth EIB credit line for the Ochrony Środowiska Bank. This time the pool amounts to EUR 75 million (ca. PLN 310 million), which will be available for enterprises, municipal companies and local government units. The new credit agreement grants access to EIB funds for a significantly larger number of entrepreneurs as support will also be available for companies employing less than 3,000 staff members (in previous lines the limit was 250 people). The EIB line will be used to finance eco-friendly investments connected with improvements in energy efficiency, related to modernisation of equipment and machinery, sources of heat and thermal insulation of buildings. Funding of this type will be implemented under the Small and Medium Enterprise Finance Facility Energy Efficiency Window programme with the use of EU funds.

EIB is also strongly engaged in the development of Polish rail. It granted PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. a loan of EUR 100 million, (about PLN 414 million) for modernisation of more than 71 km of the E 59 railway between Rawicz and Czempiń. These works, worth more than PLN 1.6 billion, are part of a comprehensive modernisation of the E 59 railway between Wrocław and Poznań, which consists of the total reconstruction of rails and tractions. The modernisation shall also include power supply, signalling and telecommunication systems. Passenger trains will be able to reach 160 km/h on the modernised route, whereas cargo trains will be able to reach up to 120 km/h. Passengers will use new, comfortable platforms. Modernisation will take into account the needs related to environmental protection. Level crossing safety will also increase as several of them are to be substituted with viaducts.

The European Union's bank also supports the development of Polish cities, it granted two loans worth PLN 450 million in total for regeneration of urban infrastructure in ‎Łódź. EIB funds will be used for renovations of streets, public spaces and municipal buildings, including historical ones. Regeneration investments shall pertain, among others, to renovations of tenement houses in the centre of Łódź. Projects in transport, such as prolongation of tram lines, construction of bike routes and modernisation of road infrastructure (among others, W-Z Route and the region around Fabryczna Railway Station and Łódź-Widzew stadium) will lead to an increase in road safety, shortening of travel times and will promote eco-friendly transport. These investments shall also contribute to long-term economic development and implementation of sustainable development strategies for the city of Łódź.