The EIB is extending a loan of EUR 30 million for the supply of potable water and wastewater infrastructure of the city of Samsun.

The Bank's loan is intended to part-finance the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant in Kutlikent, a deep-sea outfall into the Black Sea, and the upgrading and extension of the wastewater collection and drainage system in the City of Samsun. As such, it aims to enhance the living conditions of local residents as well as reduce pollution in the Black Sea.

The loan was signed in Ankara by the EIB's Vice-President, Mr Roth and will be the tenth of its kind in Turkey, but the first to be located in the Black Sea coast region. The project was prepared with the help of an METAP* Study (EIB Grant) and is to be cofinanced by KfW.

The financing of Samsun wastewater falls within the EIB's objective to help protect and improve the overall environment in the wider Mediterranean region. Also, the project will support the city in gradually meeting the EU directive on Urban Wastewater Treatment.

The adoption of higher environmental standards will contribute to making the economic development of the region sustainable in the long-run.

The EIB's cumulative financing in Turkey stands at EUR 3.6 billion and relates to investments in a wide range of economic sectors. Municipal financing for investments in environment and urban transport represent some 28 %. Financing of SMEs account for about 20 % and industry 16 %. Some 18% was directed to earthquake damage reconstruction.

* METAP stands for Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Programme